About Us

We're just a couple of retired people living on a hobby farm, raising goats, ducks and chickens.

We first put the cameras up to show family, but decided that perhaps others would like to enjoy the antics of our goats as well, and we were right!

Goatslive has been seen from 140 countries to date.

We have multiple cameras on the goats, so you can enjoy them wherever they are!

About The Goats

Rose and Violet came to our farm on August 29, 2015 after the death of Molly, and return of Joy-Joy *(see below)

Rose and Violet are sisters, born on April 19, 2015. They are a cross of the LaMancha and Alpine breeds of goat, but have the features mainly of the LaMancha. Of note, their very tiny ears

We are pleased to have found these two beauties. They fill a huge hole in our hearts after losing Molly. We will of course, love and spoil these two girls just like we have all of our goats in the past!

Where Are Molly and Joy-Joy?

Molly the goat, who we got in May of 2009, woke us up one morning crying in pain and bleeding from her back-side. Suspecting a urinary tract infection, our local vet came out and treated her for that, but after 3 days we decided to take her to the University of Florida Veterinary College, a 2 hour drive North. Testing found her to have a large tumor in her uterus. Surgery on August 24th, 2015 found that the tumors had spread throughout her organs. There was nothing the doctors could do to save her so we made the very difficult decision to allow the surgeon to put Molly to sleep.

Joy-Joy, Molly's 1/2 sister was still here of course, but she is a very aggressive goat and we feared that she would injure any other goat we brough home. It was decided that in her best interest, she would go back to the farm where we got her. She was returned on August 26th, and is very happy with her old pen mates.

Terms of Service

Goatslive.com is a non commercial, hobby web site. You are welcome to enjoy our site's content at your own risk. Feel free to make screen grabs of cute goat moments if you'd like, just credit goatslive.com if you use it anywhere.

Privacy Policy

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Contact Us!

You can always email us at:

If you are having a goat emergency, please call your local vet! That said, we'd be happy to help if we can.

If you wish to email us in a secure manner, you may send your message using PGP encryption. Our public key: GoatsLive PGP Key

Chat With Us!

Unlike many live streams, we like to interact with our users and are happy to answer questions relating to our goats!

We use the following chat services

♦ Twitter - we monitor the feed constantly

♦ Ustream chat - You can log in with ustream, Facebook or Twitter!

Note that this service does not give us any indication that a new chat has been sent, so it may take awhile for us to respond

♦ Jabber - If you have an XMPP client, we are on the Jabber.org server at: GoatsLive

♦ Private Chat - Our feature rich chat server, where our loyal regular viewers hang out. (Invitation only)

We recommed that you first chat with us on twitter, ustream, or Jabber. This lets us get to know you a little better, and helps weed out the internet trolls we've been getting lately! After a time, at our discretion, we will consider inviting you to our private chat area.

Chat questions, or invite requests can be directed to:

Some simple rules regarding private chat

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2) Meet up with friends here, but take non site related chat to another service.

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4) We allow users to post links, but please only post links of interest to the group, IE: goats only!

5) Topics and links banned from our site include but not limited to:

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♦ Sexuality- Be what you want, we don't care. It's not a topic for our chat though. Let's talk about goats!

♦ Any Abuse - Abuse directed at us or other viewers will cause you to be banned from our chat room.

Private chats are fun, and should be used for non goat related conversations with another user. Please be aware that the chat administrator can read private chats.

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We reserve the right to delete any post, and to ban any user for any reason!

Thank you for understanding. We want GoatsLive.com to be a happy, kid-friendly place for people to watch and enjoy our goats!

Camera Control Information

Private chat users, have the ability to change between our cameras if they find themselves looking at a video stream with no goats in it!

Feel free to switch camera shots if you don't see a goat, but understand that it can take up to a minute before you see the video change. It's best to refresh your video feed before you change camera shots.

The cameras are set up as follows:

Camera 1 - Main camera, usually pointed at the deck.

Camera 2 - Deck camera

Camera 3 - Goat House. If it's raining, that's where they'll be!

Camera 4 - Salad Bar, where they eat

Camera 5 - Deck from the opposite side of cameras 1 and 2

Camera 6 - Rear of the pen

Camera 7 - Grooming table, Front gate

Camera 8 - East side of the pen, along the fence line where they like to lay down

Camera 9 - Rear of the pen, opposite of Camera 6

Camera 10- Along the West side of the pen and deck

Camera 11- Northern pen, looking at the deck, gates, and grooming table

Camera 12- Rehab / Time-Out pen

Remember that you are controlling the cameras for everyone watching, *(often hundreds of people!) not just your own feed, so please use the feature responsibly


For select active users, at our discretion, we can provide an @goatslive.com email

If you are having problems with our email interface, please contact us in private chat or at our regular emal address for assistance

Donations / Gifts

We are often asked if we accept donations, or if viewers can send gifts. We are grateful for your kindness, but ask that you consider one of the following instead:

1) Donate to your local Humane Society! In the current economy they need all the help they can get.

2) Donate to your local farm animal rescue group. There are many abandonded farm animals that need our help.

3) Volunteer to work a few hours helping the dogs, cats, goats and horses at your local rescue shelter

If you wish, you can donate in the name of goatslive.com

Doing any of the above would mean a great deal to both us, and the animal groups you'd be helping!

About our Store

We use Cafe Press to offer some goat related stuff. The products come from Cafe Press, not us.Our Cafe Press prices are the lowest  possible as we do not add any profit to the base price. If you have problems with any product purchased, we can't help. All we did was design the graphics that are printed!


What's With the Advertising?

Live video is hosted by an outside company. We have no control over the ads you might see in the video, they come from that company. Sadly, we see no money from those ads.

Other Ways To Watch

There are other ways to watch GoatsLive.com so you can leave your computer free for other tasks. Here are some of the ways to watch us.

Watching with Roku

We are no longer able to live stream from our private Roku channel, thanks to ustream.tv's search for more money

Ustream now requires many hoops to jump through to use our stream on Roku, requiring commercial software developement that we simply can not afford. We will attempt to find a new way to stream in our Roku channel in the coming months

You can find our stream live on YouTube, as outlined below

To watch our weekly happy goat videos on your Roku, you first need to install our private channel. Here are the steps:

1. Make sure your Roku box is on and running.


3. Log in to your Roku account and once logged in:

4. Type GoatsLive in the box provided and push enter. This will add our channel to your Roku

5. Now refresh your Roku channel list, and navigate to "GoatsLive"

Watch live on Roku Via YouTube

1. On your Roku, search the channel store for YouTube

2. After YouTube is installed, simply search for "goatslive"

3. Select the round Rose the Goat button to see our YouTube channel, which will allow you to watch our live stream as well as our weekly videos!

Watch our weekly videos from your Kodi XBMC Video File Server

We have an unofficial Kodi application that you can add to your Kodi box. Here are the steps:

1. Download our Kodi application. It's a ZIP file, but don't unzip it! Download

2. Copy the .ZIP file to your Kodi hard drive. Anywhere, as long as you can find it.

3. Using your Kodi remote, navigate to System --> Add-On --> Load from .zip file

4. Once installed, you'll find our application in your Video add-ons

(We will be submitting our add-on for inclusion in the offical Kodi repositories soon!)

Watching From Your Android Phone or Tablet

To watch from your Android phone or tablet, follow these instructions:

1. From your device, log into "Google Play" store.

2. Search for "youtube"

3. Install the YouTube application and then launch it.

4. Tap the "search" icon and search for "goatslive"

5. Tap the top goatslive channel and enjoy!

Watching from Your iPhone or iPod

We now support iPad and iPhone from our main menu, just click the iPad button under the video window!

Another way to watch from your Apple device, do the following:

1. From your device, log into the iTunes store.

2. Search for "YouTube"

3. Install the Youtube application and then launch it.

4. Tap the "search" icon and search for "goatslive"

5. Tap the top goatslive channel and enjoy!

Instructions for other services as we get them

Help and Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about goatslive.com using the email address listed below.

Links we've mentioned

We encourage you to visit the following sites that we enjoy and support

The Belmont Goats

A wonderful herd of goats, in the middle of Portland, OR. They are a great educational resource for the surrounding area!

ASAP Animal Clinic and Rescue

Specializing in small dog rescue for West Central Florida!

A Wonderful Goat Blog in Japan

Hata san has a beautiful farm in Japan, with very photogenic goats!

Jeffers Livestock

Where we get the majority of our goat supplies

The Goat Spot

A great forum about everything pertaining to goats.

We Use Linux

All of our computers, both for personal use and to bring you GoatsLive.com are running Linux!

Dump Windows, forget the high priced other company and treat yourself to the open-source goodness of Linux! It's free, it's easy to use, and it works!

You can chat with us about Linux on Twitter at: Linux Goat

We run a beginners Linux site at: Learn Linux

Live video hosted for us by an outside company.

We have no control over the ads in the video, they come from them, we don't see any money from the ads.

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